Pollution trading: risky scheme or market-based solution? (4/28/17) - As Maryland and other Chesapeake Bay states work to reduce pollution in our waterways, one potential strategy continues to stir debate, namely, a system that has been variously called pollution
Partner Spotlight: A Conversation with Assateague Coastal Trust’s Kathy Phillips (3/31/17) - Assateague Coastal Trust’s Kathy Phillips is on the front lines of the fight for clean water on the Lower Eastern Shore, where she has been very involved with citizen groups
To enforce pollution laws, we must provide the resources to do it (3/27/17) - One vital component of cleaning up local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay is enforcing laws already on the books to improve water quality and hold polluters accountable. In Maryland, this
Pass the Community Healthy Air Act! (03/20/17) - We all want to live in neighborhoods that are safe. But many communities on the Lower Eastern Shore are seeing growing threats to their clean and healthy neighborhoods. The poultry