farm standWe all need a robust agricultural system in order to provide us with food and sustain the economy. However, in Maryland and across the country, agriculture is dominated by industrial-sized factory farms led by corporations that make billions in profits every year. This has not only driven many smaller family farms out of business but also led to the rise of crop monoculture. Industrial agriculture also has an enormous carbon footprint and contributes to pollution in local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

In Maryland, especially on the Eastern Shore, the poultry industry dominates the agricultural landscape. But research shows that greater crop diversity – meaning expanding fruit and vegetable production instead of focusing solely on growing crops to support the region’s poultry industry – would help the environment and provide more jobs.

We need to focus on a more sustainable food system and environmentally-friendly farming practices in order to protect our health and economy.

MCAC is involved with the Fair Farms campaign, which is a movement of environmental and public health groups, businesses, consumers and farmers committed building to a sustainable food system. To learn more, view their video on the future of our food here.


Updated: April 2017